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Omron Ne-c29 Nebulizer

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Omron Ne-c29 Nebulizer

Dijual Omron Ne-c29 Nebulizer

Virtue Valve Technology
3 micro m Particle Size
Compressor Nebulizer
7 ml Medication Capacity
Water Protected Switch
Quality Aerosol Every Time Wide Application for All Drug

For those of you who suffer from asthma or other bronchial ailments, you could rely on the Omron Ne-C29 Compressor Nebulizer. This compressor nebulizer uses compressed air or oxygen to convert and dispense liquid medication into aerosols that can be inhaled by you, which is more effective as compared to the regular ingestion of liquid medication.
The Omron NE-C29 nebulizer is integrated with Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.A) that enhances the delivery of medication, reducing medication wastage. Initially, silicon valves were used to fulfill the functions of proper delivery of medication and reduction of medication wastage. However, the silicon valves were hazardous and unsafe but with the introduction of Omron's unique valve technology, you receive the benefits of the valve function without the silicon valves.


Weighing 2300 g, this compressor nebulizer machine is small and compact making the device ideal for you while travelling. The nebulizer machine has a compartment in the compressor unit that can accommodate and store all the four components of the nebulizer, thus leading to enhanced portability. The Omron compressor nebulizer has four main attachment parts consisting of the compressor unit, tubing, medication cup and the mouthpiece with an alternate interface comprising of two face masks, which are suitable for adult and child.

Located on the compressor unit, is an on/off control switch that is water proof, and a small hose which connects the medication cup/ mouthpiece to the unit, by a 207 cm long PVC material tubing. The medication cup holds the liquid medication solution which is eventually converted to aerosols by the compressed gas let out by the compressor unit. The aerosol that has been converted by the compressed air or gas is then inhaled by you, through the mouthpiece. You can also use the additional face masks as well as the nosepiece in place of the mouthpiece.

Performance and Features

The medication which is in the form of aerosol or mist is delivered to your airway at an average nebulization rate of 0.4 ml per minute. The compressed nebulizer is capable of producing a particle size of 3 micrometer, enabling the particle to be delivered to your lower airways with efficiency and ease. The average of the distribution of aerosol mass with respect to aerodynamic diameter is calculated in Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD), which is 3 micrometer for the aerosols produced by this compressor nebulizer.
This nebulizer by Omron is operates at a temperature ranging from 10 to 40 degree Celsius with humidity ranging from 30 to 85% R. The ideal temperature and humidity for storing this nebulizer machine ranges from 25 to 60 degree Celsius and 10 to 95% R respectively. Running on a power supply of 230 V and 50 Hz, the nebulizer consumes a power of 138 W.

Omron Ne-c29 Nebulizer

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