Tv Tuner Gadmei Tv5821new

Tv Tuner Gadmei Tv5821new

Dijual Tv Tuner Gadmei Tv5821new

TV Tuner GADMEI TV5821new

TV Tuner Eksternal khusus untuk monitor lcd atau LCD Projektor, pemakaiannya sangat mudah tanpa harus melalui CPU PC, tanpa install Driver, dilengkapi dengan speaker dan remote control.

Bisa untuk menayangkan DVD player , PS sony ke LCD monitor komputer or Projektor
( RCA input to VGA ouput)


◦Watch TV on LCD or CRT PC
◦Fashion standing design
◦NICAM function and HDTV input for your choice


◦With advanced refresh rate up to 60Hz or 75Hz, the picture is clear and steady.
◦With resolution 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024,which can be compatible with CRT and LCD Monitor.
◦Unique Four Pictures, Nine Pictures, Sixteen Pictures pre-scanning function.
◦Highly effective noise-reduction.
◦Unique PIP function, and the display windows size and position of PIP can be adjusted.Adopt PLL TUNER, the channel programs will be stored steadily, adapt to cable or antenna TV receive.
◦The channels can be selected and edited to an order according to your favor.
◦Pre-set to be power on/off
◦Wide band PC /TV picture switch up to 200MHz.
◦Building-in speaker
. ◦With AV/S-VIDEO interface, can be connected with DVD/PDP/PS2 etc.
◦Support double languages or stereo program. Power input DC 5V -1A
◦RF 47-870MHz
◦Resolution (Adjustable) 800*600 /1024*768/1280*1024
◦Output frequency Horizontal frequency 37KHz-60KHz
◦Vertical frequency 60Hz-75Hz (Refresh rate)

◦User’s manual
◦Remote control

◦Power input DC 5V -1A
◦RF 47-870MHz
◦Resolution (Adjustable) 800*600 /1024*768/1280*1024(For TV5820 only)
◦Output frequency Horizontal frequency: 37KHz-60KHz
◦Vertical frequency 60Hz-75Hz (Refresh rate)

◦LCD TV box
◦Remote control
◦Stereo audio cable
◦MMI AV Cable
◦VGA cable
◦Power adapter

Dimensi : 22 x 6 x 15 cm

Tv Tuner Gadmei Tv5821new

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Resi pembelian terakhir: JNE CGKAE07127841015
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